Every town and settlement in New Zealand has its history. Together, they form the story of our people, of Maori and Pakeha. In Katikati you can see that history everyday, not in a gallery or a museum, but by walking down the main street.

The region's first settlers were early Maori voyagers, first Ngaiterangi and then Ngati Ranginui. Their descendants still live in the three marae of Te Rereatukahia, Tahawai and Otawhiwhi.

In 1875 George Vesey Stewart brought the first party of Irish settlers to Katikati, the only planned Ulster settlement in the world. 34 families cleared the land, planted crops, and built their homes. A second party arrived in 1878, giving a total of 600 settlers.

In 1990, at a time when Katikati was facing an economic downturn, a group of volunteers decided to lift the spirits of the local community and to attact visitors by painting our unique history on the walls of the town.

Katikati Open-Air Art Inc. was formed, and is responsible for the many murals, sculptures, carvings and weaving you will discover as you explore this website. Enjoy the story of our town and district as shown in these works of open air art, and then make sure you come and visit.

Newsletter: 2010: The year that was ( 1MB PDF)

1. Waitekohe School 16. First Post & Telegraph Office 31. Haiku Pathway
2. Uretara Landing 17 Jimmy Culpan 32. Te Whanau a Tauwhao
3. Dr. Joe 18. The Macmillan Story 1 33. Te Whakapapa
4. Te Awanui 19. The Macmillan Story 2 34. Nga Kaitiaki - The Guardians
5. Main Street 20. George Vesey Stewart 35. Our People – Our Story
6. Early Ventures 21. Those Who Served 36. At the Dawn of Time
7. Athenree Homestead 22. Primal Aotearoa 37. Toy Parade
8. Rev. Kattern's Ostriches 23. The River Was the Road 38. Pukeko Kid and Friends
9. Nga-Kuri A Wharei-Ki Tikirau 24. Humphrey 39. Mud in Your Eye
10. Haymaking 25. The Wind Vanes 40. Going Nowhere
11. Central Motors 26. The Second Pioneer Store 1 41. Overload
12. Sunday in a Bush Camp 1 27. The Second Pioneer Store 2 42. The Pioneers
13. Sunday in a Bush Camp 2 28. We Live Here Too 43. Bird Walk
14. A Pioneer Kitchen 29. Barry 44. Tile Wall
15. The Bullock Team 30. Pohutukawa Sentinal 47. Gallaher Family