There's always something to do in and around Katikati. We can't even begin to feature them all, but for starters you could try:
  • sea and safe harbour fishing
  • harbour sailing
  • water skiing
  • jet boating
  • swimming
  • beach picnicking
  • shellfish gathering
  • bush walking or tramping
  • golf
  • bird watching

Or you could try a Fur and Feathers Tour, a Murals Guided Tour, or check our the local wineries, Then perhaps a visit to the Katikati Bird Gardens or some of the many local craft venues and galleries.

The Mural Town Visitor Centre has all the details.
Phone 0 7 549 1658
Fax 0 7 549 1798

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left: The many moods of the Uretara River.
The Katikati Murals
The Haiku Pathway