'Points' of Interest. Orokawa Bay:
secluded beach, fantastic walks, incredible views, and a long drop toilet ...

OK, so technically it's not a 'point' and yes it's about 20 minutes from Katikati at Waihi Beach, but if you are in the area and keen for a bit of a walk then Orokawa Bay is hard to beat. The 3.3 km track starts at the north end of Waihi Beach and winds its way around a couple of headlands before dropping down to a spectacular beach. The sign says the walk takes an hour, but you can expect to do it in less than that, even if you stop to take in some stunning views of the Bay of Plenty and southern Coromandel coast. There's a long drop toilet about three quarters of the way along the track, but don't expect it to have any toilet paper. If you do the walk in summer you should definitely take something to drink. The beach is stunning, but not recommended for swimming as it is steep and often has a fierce rip depending on the tide. If you have small children don't let them run on ahead, there are some steep drops right next to the track in a few places. Feeling adventurous? Keep on going to the Homunga Track. It's well worth the effort.
all photos Kit Wilson & Sue Baker Wilson, taken on an iPhone 4s on a mild winter's day ...(yup, that's my finger at the top of the photo to the left).