Points' of Interest. Matakana Island:
Harbourside beaches, safe swimming, great floundering, secluded and remarkably peaceful

OK, we are probably stretching the idea of 'point' of interest with this one, Matakana being an island and all. But it just has to be included. It's right on our doorstep, and it's fantastic. You need a boat or kayak to get there, but it's well worth the effort. The harbourside offers safe sandy beaches and all the solitude in the world except for a few weeks at Christmas when the waterskiers take over. The rest of the time it's quiet, and pretty much all yours.

Walk the beach, kayak down the harbour on an incoming tide, or watch the best sunsets across the water over the Kaimais before you head home.The island is an operating pine forest, so obey the signs. Access to Matakana is easiest from Ongare, Tanners, or Anzac Bay. If you are kayaking from Anzac Bay make sure you plan your trip around the incoming tide.

all photos: Kit Wilson & Sue Baker Wilson on an Apple iPhone 4s