above left:' KDV Kids' at play on horse and sledge, 1952. Note the stacked timber in the background.
above right: Smoke from slab burning drifts across the site. The poles are holding up the washing line. Luckily there's no washing out.
below left: Christmas at KDV 1952
below right: Towing a raft of logs from Matakana Island to KDV.

above left: KDV wives gather for a photo, Christmas 1952
above right: The mill office 1952
below left: The Subrizky whare at Machins Sawmill Ltd in Kopaki in the King Country, 1948. Machins Sawmill was cutting native timber at the time. Conditions were primitive. Family clothes were washed in the river and the family bathed in an oval tin 'baby bath'. Moving to KDV was considered a real step up.
below right: Dave Subritzky (right) and two mates outside KDV singlemen's hut.

below left: Maureen Bergersen at the KDV wharf with towing launch behind
below right: Stephanie and Leonie Subritzky outside their home at KDV.
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