below left: One of the recent murals to be unveiled in Katikati features local hero and legendary 1905 All Black Dave Gallaher. It's a timely addition to the collection as we recognise the centennial of World War One. You can find this mural at Katikati Primary School on Beach Road. Click here for more. Dave Gallaher: The Katikati Connection. Click here

above: As we commemorate the centennial of World War One, have a look at our tribute to men from Katikati. This website e-memorial is now more than ten years old. Over a decade ago it was the first of its type. On its inception, Jock Phillips, Chief Historian for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage said 'This e-memorial helps us to give a human meaning to the names and lists on our war memorials, and to give the people of Katikati an intimate relationship with those who lived in their community a century ago. I congratulate all those involved in its preparation, and urge others in different communities around the nation to replicate the idea'.

Years later that has certainly happened, and there is now a wealth of family, military and historical information on the web.

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Anzac Bay (below) used to be called St George's Bay. The name was changed as a tribute to those who served and fell at Gallipoli. Those suggesting the name change noted how similar the bay at the Katikati Entrance was to the bay where so many had died. Not everybody was happy about the change. Click here for more.

above: Bowentown and Matakana Island silhouetted against the morning sun. The mural is a section from Te Whanau a Tauwhao by Te Maari Gardiner. Bowentown was the original Katikati and home of the Whanau a Tauwhao people. The mural depicts the interconnectedness of these people, with their home, with Otawhiwhi and outlying islands, with their environment, with Tangaroa god of the sea, and with their ancestors and history.

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Mural images and the Haiku Pathway logo used with the permission of Katikati Open Air Art Inc.

A Little Corner of Ulster in New Zealand, Chapter One of Jasmine Rogers' Masters dissertation is used with permission.

Welcome to the Katikati website. If you are looking for a plumber or community group details you are on the wrong site. This is – quite literally – a home page. This is our town. This is where we live. These are our people. Our stories. Our experiences. This is a site for visitors, local people, and for all those who share a connection with the history and people of Katikati.

This website was run as a community service by Kit Wilson and Sue Baker Wilson of Katikati. The website has been revived and is now run and supported by Katikati community members.


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