'Points' of Interest. Anzac Bay:
safe beach, picnic areas, toilets, lots of parking, fishing, boat ramp, fantastic nature walks,

Had enough of the surf? Anzac Bay is the place for you. Great calm beach access and a fantastic family playground. There's a boat ramp and fishing off the rocks on the point or down at Cave Bay. Picnic tables under the Pohutukawa trees, and lots of space for a game of cricket or a laze in the sun. Take a walk or drive up to the pa site, or if you are feeling more adventurous walk over the hill to Shelly Bay. There's a great camping ground nearby and the surf beach is close too. These pictures were taken in late autumn. The pic at the bottom was taken on New Year's Day.

To get to Anzac Bay just follow the signs to Bowentown from Waihi Beach and keep on going. Stop when you get to the water.

To read the story behind the naming of Anzac Bay click here

all photos: Kit Wilson & Sue Baker Wilson