Katikati e-memorial for soldiers who left from Katikati to serve in World War One

A project completed in association with the Katikati Returned Services Association.

Information kindly researched and provided by P.R.Lascelles NZEF Research Service with additional material provided by local families.

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Others who have served.

In addition to the sixty men who left from Katikati to serve in World War One there were those who lived here for some time before enlisting elsewhere. Some of these men are included on the Katikati School Roll of Honour.

The Katikati School Roll of Honour

Katikati No.2 school; admission date 2 June 1879; parent James GALLAHER of Sunny Hills, Katikati. Born 30 November 1873; last day at school. 11 August 1887, destination - at work.

Katikati No.2 school; admission 18 January 1886; parent Mr James GALLAHER of Katikati; born 2 Jan 1881; last day 5 August 1887 - at work. Readmitted 23 January 1888, last day 4 October 1889, destination Auckland.

Katikati No.2 school; admission 28 January 1889; parent Mr James GALLAHER;of Katikati; born 7 August 1883; last day 4 October 1889, destination Auckland.

BOYD, Thomas
Katikati No.2 school; admission 5 October 1896; parent Mr Boyd, of Katikati; born 25 September 1891; last day 29 May 1905, destination - home

BUSBY, William
Katikati No.2 school; admission 9 December 1890; parent William Busby of Katikati; born Oct 1884; last day 20 Dec 1890; destination - Katikati No. 3 School. Readmitted Katikati No.2 school. 15 March 1892, no last day recorded.

Katikati No.2 school; admission 19 February 1912; parent A DIGGELMANN of Katikati; born 7 June 1898. no other details.

Katikati No.2 school; admission 7 July 1891; parent Mr Mervyn STEWART of Katikati; born 25 December 1884; last day 18 July 1893.

No records for Messrs Norris, McClung, Squinabal or Wylie.

School Admission Progress & Withdrawal Registers transcribed by members of Tauranga Branch New Zealand Society of Genealogists during 2000.

Admission registers
Katikati No.1 School 1898 – 1929 (earlier register probably burnt in school fire) Located Tuapiro Road.
Katikati No.2 School 1879 - 1931 became KK Consolidated or Central School 1931 – 1935.
Present day Katikati Primary School.
Katikati No. 3 School 1925 – 1931 located Walker/Main Road, Waitekohe.
Katikati No. 4 School 1927 – 1938 located Turners Road, Aongatete
Katikati District High 1936 – 1940

Katikati Central (No.2) School 1912

Mrs Maria Gallaher, the mother of David, Henry and Douglas, was the first teacher at this school.