Katikati e-memorial for soldiers who left from Katikati to serve in World War One

A project completed in association with the Katikati Returned Services Association.

Information kindly researched and provided by P.R.Lascelles NZEF Research Service with additional material provided by local families.

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The editor's forward to the eighth edition of The Bystander's Fragments From France by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather.

Let me quote a letter which reached Captain Bairnsfather from somewhere in France:

'Twenty years after peace has been declared there will be no more potent stimulus to the recollections of an old soldier than your admirable sketches of trench life. May I, with all deference, congratulate you on your humour, your fidelity, your something-else not easily defined - I mean your power of expressing in black and white a condition of mind.'

I hope that this forecast is a true one. If this sketch book is worthy to outlast the days of the war, and to be kept for a remembrance on the shelves of those who lived through it, it will have done its bit. For will it not be a standing reminder of the ingloriousness of war, its preposterous absurdity, and of its futility as a means of settling the affairs of nations?

When the ardent jingo of the day after tomorrow rattles the sabre, let there be somewhere handy a copy of Fragments from France that can be opened in front of him, at any page, just to remind him of what war is really like as it is fought in 'civilised' times.

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