ICONZ Adventure is a 100% pure Kiwi brand of children's after school or weekend programme for 8-11 year olds (Year 5-6). The Name ICONZ has Icons and NZ because it is our aim to develop each child into a Kiwi Icon using positive role models (Kiwi Icons) from families, churches and from within the local community. Our curriculum material builds on the heritage, culture and pride that are unique to our country. Through this we want to grow meaningful and positive relationships and boundaries for teaching under the (ALLS Fun) principles of Adventure, Leadership, Life Skills and Fun.

ICONZ Adventure is a subsidiary of The Boys' Brigade in New Zealand. Boys' Brigade is the oldest international interdenominational Christian organisation concerned with the positive development of young people in the world. BB first began in Scotland 120 years ago and spread to New Zealand three years later. Today the organisation is represented in over 60 countries around the world, working with up to 750,000 children and young people.

above: ICONZ members prepare to lay a wreath on
ANZAC Day after marching in the parade.

The ICONZ Adventure concept was initiated out of a need to re-position and re-brand the movement and to achieve positive numeric growth in the children, youth, churches and leaders engaged in the movement. ICONZ Adventure was developed to coincide with the 120th anniversary of its founding and motivated by the desire to reach into the areas of the community that traditionally are not catered for in the existing Boys' Brigade framework. ICONZ Adventure is designed to run in parallel to the existing BBNZ framework, having its own image and identity whilst retaining the key values and principles of Boys' Brigade. The primary objective is to train boys to become leaders and role-models. The needs of boys and young men are catered for using wide-ranging adventure based activities with awards that will allow the holistic development of the participants.

Iconz Adventure uses an awards system called SPACI to credit boys for achievement. Kids love recognition and so to support this need we have developed our programme around five components that make up a balanced Christian Life Style. These components are Spiritual, Physical, Adventure, Community and Interest - or SPACI to use it is as an acronym.

Each of the five SPACI components is woven into the year's programme through a series of award modules after which sew-on awards are presented to our members for their regular participation in each study module. The awards cover activities such as missions studies, bush & adventure activities, cycling focus, physical activities, swimming, sports and camping, community events such as Anzac parades, crafts, construction and hobby projects.

Locally, we have a unit of around 20 boys, with seven volunteer leaders. We have formed our unit around a set of values we call DIRT: Discipline, Integrity, Respect and Tenacity. We formed in October 2008 and are one of about 30 units operating nationwide.

For more information visit our website www.iconz.org.nz or contact Paul Dunn katibap_pastor@paradise.net.nz

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